I draw a lot of inspiration for my research and teaching through interactions with people across fields, and because of this I keep an active role organizing international events, graduate schools and outreach events. Below you can find a quasi complete list of the 40+ different events I have organized.


  1. Co-organized with Ruxandra Moraru and Steve Rayan 2025
  2. Co-organized with Ruxandra Moraru and Steve Rayan 2025


  1. Co-organized with James Unwin, Tom Imbo, Nick Huggett. 2024
  2. Co-organized with Benjamin Call and Noelle Sawyer – details TBA. 2024
  3. Co-organized with James Unwin. 2024


  1. Co-organized with James Unwin and Nicole Looper. 2023
  2. Co-Organized with Motohico Mulase and Olivia Dumitrescu and Alex Cruz Morales and Elba Garcia Failde 2023
  3. Co-Organized with Mengxue Yang and Christopher Mahadeo 2023
  4. Co-Organized with Lara B. Anderson and Steve Rayan and Sakura Schafer-Nameki 2023


  1. Co-organized with Lara Anderson. 2022
  2. Co-Organized with Brian Collier 2022
  3. Analytic and geometric aspects of gauge theory Semester program, MSRI, USA.
    Co-Organized with Laura Fredrickson and Rafe Mazzeo and Tom Mrowka and Thomas Walposki 2022


  1. Co-organized with Jose Figueroa-O’Farrill and Caroline Series and Ivan Smith and Paul Sutcliffe 2021
  2. Co-organized with Julius Ross, Will Perkins, Dima Sinapova, Mimi Dai and Bryna Kra 2021


  1. Co-organized with James Unwin. 2020
  2. SIDE Math 2020,
    UIC, USA.
    Co-organized with James Unwin 2020
  3. Co-organized with Kevin Corlette, Mimi Dai, Denis Hirschfeldt, Vera Mikyoung Hur, Maryanthe Malliaris, Nikki Pitcher, Mary Silber, Takis Souganidis, and Rebecca Willett. 2020


  1. Co-organized with James Unwin. 2019
  2. Geometry and Physics of Higgs bundles,
    Oberwolfach (MFO), Germany.
    Co-organized with Lara B. Anderson and Tamas Hausel and Rafe Mazzeo. 2019
  3. Co-organized with Alessia Mandini and Misha Verbitsky and Anton Zorich 2019
  4. Co-organized with Lara B. Anderson. 2019
  5. Co-organized with Lara B. Anderson and Rafe Mazzeo and Tony Pantev 2019
  6. Co-organized with Lara B. Anderson, Sheldon Katz and Joerg Teschner. 2019
  7. Co-organized with Athreya and Bradlow and Gukov and Neitzke and Zorich and Weitze-S. 2019


  1. Co-organized with James Unwin. 2018
  2. Co-organized with Steve Rayan 2018
  3. Current trends in Hitchin systems,
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Co-organized with Romina Arroyo and Ben Davison and Martin Mereb and Marina Logares 2018


  1. Co-organized with James Unwin. 2017
  2. Co-organized with Brian Collierand Georgios Daskalopoulos 2017


  1. Co-organized with James Unwin. 2016
  2. Co-organized with Florent Schaffhauser and Richard Wentworth 2016


  1. Co-organized with James Unwin. 2015
  2. Co-organized with Joergen Ellegaard Andersen, David Baraglia, and Philip Boalch 2015


  1. GEAR Junior Retreat,
    University of Michigan, USA.
    Co-organized by Dick Canary, Steve Kerckhoff, Michelle Lee, Ben Linowitz, Sara Maloni, Andy Sanders, and Anna Wienhard 2014